As an Independent Travel Advisor, you have the flexibility to book travel arrangements directly with hotels or through booking sites. In either case, there is typically a commission included in the booking cost, which can be earned by you as the agent.

This means that when you book travel for yourself or others, you can earn a portion of the commission. One advantage of being an Independent Travel Advisor is that you have the potential to save money on your own travel expenses by utilizing the commissions earned through bookings. This can make your travel more affordable and enable you to explore more destinations.

Furthermore, by booking travel for friends, family, or even building your own team of agents, you can earn additional commissions. This offers the opportunity to generate income while helping others plan their trips and create memorable experiences.

An Independent Travel Agent | Affiliated of InteleTravel UK


We have a comprehensive range of products and services offered by our travel agency.

By having your own booking engine and direct logins with over 95 partners, you can provide a  wide variety of options to your clients and earn a commission on their bookings.

The ability to offer all-inclusive package holidays, skiing trips, hotels, villas, flights, activities, theatre tickets, travel insurance, transfers, airport parking, cruises, river cruises, tours, covers many aspects of travel.



Earn commissions by booking travel for your family and friends. By leveraging your expertise and access to discounted rates or special offers, you can help them plan their trips and earn a commission on those bookings. This is a win-win situation where you assist your loved ones in securing great travel arrangements while earning a commission in the process.


Award-winning online training platform: You would have access to an online training platform that offers comprehensive training, starting from beginner level and progressing to specialization within the travel industry. Access to 3rd party training platforms: This indicates that you would have access to additional training platforms beyond the in-house program


Access to exclusive Facebook groups,  powerful marketing tools, our thriving team community, and receive personalized 1-on-1 support and mentoring.


The position offers flexibility, allowing you to work on your own schedule and tailor your workload to fit your personal needs and commitments


This means that you are not bound by a contract and are not required to meet specific sales targets. It offers flexibility in how you manage your travel agency business.


This opportunity does not require prior experience in the travel industry, making it accessible to individuals looking to enter the field.


How soon can I start booking holidays?

You need to complete your Mandatory Travel Advisor training which is 6 x 1 hour long videos, followed by your ABTA training which takes roughly 45 minutes.You will then be fully licensed to book holidays and travel. Furthermore, there is optional additional training we provide such as supplier training, how to approach hotels direct, how to utilise the program for your own bookings etc.

Do I need travel experience?

Not at all. We have extensive FREE training with all our suppliers, as well as weekly live training sessions conducted online to provide ongoing support and education to the agents.

Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that our agents will have success at this business, that we offer a 30 day full refund back guarantee. We also offer The Best Travel Price Assurance. The Best Assurance is the Unique Profit Assurance, which means that if in your first year with us you will not earn more than your subscription fee we will refund you the difference. No contract / no targets. It's a risk free opportunity!

Do you have ABTA and ATOL protection?

Yes! We are proud members of ABTA and have full ATOL protection. We have won numerous Travel awards and are the UK’s Number One Home based Travel Agency. All our partnered suppliers are also ATOL protected. You can see more suppliers on our main page.

How would I benefit from joining?

Having access to your own booking system can provide several benefits for travellers. It allows you to work closely with hotels, well-known booking companies, and utilize staff travel saving programs to obtain the best prices for holidays. This direct access can potentially offer more competitive rates, exclusive deals, and a wider range of options for your clients. By leveraging these partnerships and programs, you can enhance the value you provide as a travel agent and help your customers secure the best possible prices for their desired travel experiences.

Price is what you pay... Value is what you get!

Our joining fee is £156 and then £46 a month, this price includes :• Access to our booking engine• Award-winning online training platform• Personalized website• 75+ Preferred Partners• Online marketing materials• Pre-made travel packages• Weekly live online training• Support from a team of agents• Customer Service Access


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